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MIPIM 2022

15-18.03 | CANNES

MIPIM 2022







Our teams from Primonial REIM  will be present at MIPIM in Cannes from 15th to 18th of March.  

Our Program:
  • Introducing our star projects, Odyssey et Hopen, on the Paris La Défense Stand | C12.A18.
  • Conference hosted by Primonial REIM France,  on Wednesday 16th March  from 11h-11h45 | Stand Paris La Défense

Let's connect

Meet with the executive team of Primonial REIM, Primonial REIM France,
Primonial REIM Germany, Primonial REIM Luxembourg and  Primonial REIM Italy.
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Odyssey, a mixed-use landmark in Paris La Défense

Conference organised by Primonial REIM France

Join Us

Wednesday 16 March  | 11h-11h45

Stand Paris La Défense : C12.A8

Our star projects

Discover our landmark projects in Paris La Défense by Primonial REIM France

 Introducing ODYSSEY

Odyssey, a new mixed-use urban complex in Paris La Défense.

Odyssey defines a new standard in terms of mixed and hybrid uses and the sharing of experiences.

In this future district, open 7 days a week, Cro&Co Architecture, CroMe Studio and Studio Gang, for the first time in Paris La Défense and in Europe, have created together 3 buildings around a public square totalling 140,000 m2 open to all to live, work, relax and share.

Introducing HOPEN

A socially innovative project

Hopen will offer its users a workplace that promotes inclusion and solidarity, making 1,400 m2 of the renovated tower available for charitable activities and cultural projects.

As the investor, Primonial REIM France, is determined to offer a committed and sustainable project over the long term.

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MIPIM 2022