Closed-ended fund (Club deal)


Ehpad Beausoleil


In July 2016, Primonial REIM acquired a diversified portfolio of healthcare assets from Gecina for nearly €1.3 billion. This is composed of 67 assets representing more than 8,200 beds and places throughout France, with a total surface area of close to 564,000 sq. m. The assets are operated by 10 high-quality tenants including Ramsay-Générale de Santé, DomusVi, Korian and Elsan.

The healthcare market has sound and sustainable fundamentals, making it a safe bet for investors. The portfolio’s size, its diversity in terms of asset type (clinics, nursing homes, recuperative care facilities, etc.), the location of its assets and the quality of the operators greatly limit the rental risk.

Pays de commercialisation :
Nature des investissements :
Healthcare real estate
Type :
Closed-ended fund (Club deal)
Localisation :
Date d'acquisition :
Montant total de l'acquisition :
Portefeuille :
Highly diversified (66 assets, 8,152 beds)
Rendement :
approx. 6%