Open Permanent Fund

ESI - Healthcare Real Estate

ESI fonds immobilier

ESI - Healthcare Real Estate

ESI: A pan-European fund dedicated to healthcare assets

ESI is a pan-European open-ended fund invested in socially responsible real estate assets in the European healthcare sector. ESI is aimed at local and international institutional investors. Its objective is to deliver an attractive long-term performance to its investors while contributing to the financing of the needs of the population in terms of healthcare real estate.

The under-capacity of European countries in terms of social infrastructure, as measured by the European Commission, corresponds to an investment deficit of 142 billion euros. The need for healthcare real estate is linked to demographic factors (significant increase in the number of senior citizens over the next 20 years, increase in the number of dependent persons) and to the need to add to the public healthcare offer a private offer to increase healthcare capacity.

Why invest in ESI?

A fund invested in a sector uncorrelated with financial and economic cycles, driven by favourable long-term demographic trends
Long leases with experienced and reliable operators offering very good visibility on long-term revenue recurrence
A diversified allocation in terms of healthcare real estate asset types and geographical sectors, with an overweight in Northern European countries (euro zone)
A fund with a positive social impact

Pays de commercialisation :
Nature des investissements :
Type :
Open Permanent Fund
Structure juridique :
Localisation :
Zone euro
Taux de rendement interne net cible :
6.0% à 7.0%. Cash-on-Cash: 4.5% - 5%
Volume cible :
1 Md€