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Open-ended fund - (SICAV-FIS S.C.A.)

CareVision IV

Care vision

CareVision IV

The CareVision IV fund is continuing the CareVision fund family’s successful strategy.

The fund targets investments in social, education and healthcare real estate in Germany, as assets that offer a sustainable yield, are partially subsidised by law and are largely independent of the economic cycle. The fund’s main emphasis is on healthcare establishments for hospitalised patients and assisted-living senior housing. Its existing properties are currently valued at more than €123 million.

Pays de commercialisation :
Nature des investissements :
Senior housing
Type :
Open-ended fund - (SICAV-FIS S.C.A.)
Localisation :
Attractive locations in Germany
Surface :
57,443 sq. m
Date d'acquisition :
Montant total de l'acquisition :
Portefeuille :
Individual assets/no complete portfolio
Rendement :
approx. 4.75%