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The values of solidarity
and sharing 
that we hold dear

Making a commitment and supporting associations working in the healthcare and education sector, getting employees involved in philanthropic projects and promoting a more inclusive society are the convictions that drive Primonial REIM’s teams each day. When we support a non-profit organisation we feel like we are not only doing something useful, but we like to be considered as a stakeholder in the partnership.
Laurent Fléchet, Chariman & CEO
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Europe-wide patronage in the healthcare and education sector

We make a long-term commitment to the charity organisations that we support across Europe to increase our impact and make it last.

The right to healthcare

We advocate for access to healthcare and an easier route to treatment.

​​​​​​​We believe in an offer that is qualitative and meets the needs of patients, their families and  health professionals.
​​​​​​​At Primonial REIM, we are committed to support paediatric medicine and clinical research projects on the management of rare illnesses, chronic diseases and disabilities in the youngest patients.



​​​​​As part of our sponsorship policy, for many years we’ve supported Necker Children's Hospital in various innovative projects that optimize performance and quality of patient care. In addition, the quality of life of hospitalized patients and their families is a key objective of the projects
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The right to  education

​​​​​​​Because even today many obstacles deprive thousands of people quality education, we're committed to supporting education and training projects to give everyone the opportunity to choose and shape their future.

Socially-engaged teams

Our teams are actively involved in supporting our partner associations, in addition to the direct financial support provided.
From the repainting of children’s homes, to participation in charity runs, the coaching of young people to help them get back into work, and workshops with civil society organisations to discuss housing for the elderly… 
Primonial REIM’s teams are involved in many projects for the public good.
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Charity Days 2023

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CSR is at the heart of Primonial REIM's strategy. Since its creation, solidarity and commitment to the public interest have been among the company's core values. That's why, for over a decade, Primonial REIM has supported associations and institutions working in the fields of education and health.

Charity Days have been organised in France, with the Hôpital Necker and in Germany with the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk e.V - both supported by Primonial REIM through patronage.

Several employees were able to give a bit of their time and through their actions, help the children and their families.

Primonial REIM France organised 7 sessions of Charity Days throughout the year with the Hôpital Necker. Participants were able to take part in activities like running stands during the Summer Fair, refresh the hospital's common areas with new paint, participate in organising a fashion show or sorting toys for Christmas. The main goal of these activities being brightening up the patients’ daily lives at the hospital.

Primonial REIM Germany organised a Charity Day with Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk, where they build a whole kitchen out of recycled wooden pallets for the kids to play with it.

Our CSR policy is central to our strategy

Our CSR policy is central to our strategy

At Primonial REIM, we believe that it is possible to combine the objective of generating an attractive yield with environmental and societal interests within the same real estate strategy.

This is because investing in real estate is not just about investing in bricks and mortar, but also investing in the foundations of society.

This is why we have chosen to invest in responsible and socially useful real estate from the outset.

Primonial REIM​​​​​​​: a major European asset management player

With €42 billion of assets under management, assets located in nine euro zone countries and teams based in the main markets, Primonial REIM is a major player in the European real estate asset management sector.