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Human ressources

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Our activities

We encourage our people to expand their skills and knowledge

We foster diversity and inclusion in our HR policies
We believe that creating synergies between teams in Europe is essential
​​​​​​for our success.
Hence, we encourage geographical mobility to pace up with our matrix environment.

Our ressources

Primonial REIM today represents more than 400 employees throughout Europe, who carry our values and provide global vision combined with a very good knowledge of the specificites of the markets in which we operate.

Our teams are at the heart of each country's activity: France, Germany, Italy and Luxembourg, in close geographical proximity to our clients, to offer them the best oportunities in all asset classes.


At Primonial REIM, our commitments go from providing attractive work environment to developing and retaining the best talents. Celebrations is part of the package, be it a personal, professional achievement or a team success
Pauline Lecaillon, HR Manager

Our Business Lines

At Primonial REIM, our employees are our primary concern.

We promote excellent working conditions and ensure that they feel encouraged to continuously develop their skills and scope of responsibility at every step.

Our business lines symbolise the range of our competencies and offer great opportunities for employees to be fully involved.

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