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Our offices

The local presence of our teams in France, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, the UK and Singapore provides us with in-depth knowledge of the local real estate markets, their trends and their specific characteristics.
Primonial REIM France
36 rue de Naples
75008 Paris
+33 1 44 21 7000

Primonial REIM Germany
Große Bockenheimer Straße 50
(Eingang Kleine Hochstraße)
60313 Frankfurt am Main
+49 69 920 20 34 12

Primonial REIM Germany

Poststraße 2-4 
20354 Hamburg

T.   +49 40 411 88 55 92
F.    +49 69 920 20 34 19


Primonial REIM Germany
Rinddermarkt 7
80331 München
Primonial REIM Luxembourg
43-45 Allée Scheffer
L-2520 Luxembourg
+352 28 12 141
Primonial REIM Italy
Corso Venezia 18
20121 Milan
+39 02 3657 8080
Primonial REIM UK
28 Grosvenor Street
London, W1K 4QR
+44 204 558 8352
Primonial REIM Singapore
4 Battery Road #25-01 Bank of China Building
049908, Singapore

A pan-European real estate platform

We are a team of more than 400 employees with offices in 6 European countries.
Thanks to our expertise we are able to assist our clients with deals of every kind across the euro zone, including large-scale structures requiring advanced engineering and a sophisticated execution.


Primonial REIM France is a major player in real estate savings in France, created in 2011 and approved by the AMF. Primonial REIM France creates, structures and manages collective real estate investment solutions for individual and institutional investors. Its approach is based on the convictions of its managers in the various real estate sectors in which it operates: offices, healthcare/education, residential, retail and hotels.

For individual investors, Primonial REIM France offers :

A full range of SCPIs managed by asset class (SCPI Primopierre, SCPI Primovie, SCPI Patrimmo Commerce, SCPI Patrimmo Croissance, SCPI Primofamily)

Real estate solutions eligible for life insurance are also available in the form of units of account (SCI Primonial Capimmo, OPCI PREIMium) listed with a large number of insurers

For institutional investors, Primonial REIM France designs customized solutions such as club deals, adapted to their risk profile and allocation objectives.

36 rue de Naples
75008 Paris                   

+33 1 44 21 7000

“We are the French real estate savings market leader and manage a comprehensive range of investment solutions, in the form of SCPIs, OPCIs and SCIs, designed for individual investors. We also have proven expertise in the execution of simple and complex real estate transactions on behalf of French institutional investors.”

Grégory Frapet, Chief Executive Officer of Primonial REIM France


Founded in 2009, Primonial REIM Germany is a leading player in the German healthcare and education real estate market.
As a pioneer in the social and healthcare real estate field, we are the main partner in Germany for institutional investors who wish to invest in socially relevant infrastructure.

Primonial REIM Germany has been active on the social, educational and healthcare market since 2009, investing in demographic trends and creating special innovative funds developed with a high degree of social relevance and added value.

Our team is composed of real estate experts. It is solely focused on sustainable real estate with added social value.


Große Bockenheimer Straße 50    
(Eingang Kleine Hochstraße)
60313 Frankfurt am Main

​​​​​​​+49 69 920 20 34 12

We offer institutional investors investment solutions centred on sustainable and ethical real estate assets with added social value, such as healthcare and education real estate, in Germany and Austria.

Peter Finkbeiner, Chief Executive Officer of Primonial REIM Germany


The Luxembourg office was created in 2018.

It is composed of 2 entities:

Primonial REIM Luxembourg develops dynamic fund management as an alternative investment fund manager, under the supervision of the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), for regulated and non-regulated investment products in Luxembourg.

Primonial REIM Luxembourg aims to offer institutional investors pan-European real estate funds with a diversified geographical exposure in the Eurozone.
Activities: portfolio management, risk management and commercialisaton.

Prendre connaissance de nos documents:
Complaints Policy
- Remuneration Policy
- SFDR Disclosure
Conflict of interest Policy
- Voting Rights Policy

43-45 Allée Scheffer                     
L-2520 Luxembourg

​​​​​​​+352 28 12 141

Primonial REIM Luxembourg allows us to create and manage pan-European funds for the benefit of investor clients in Europe and beyond. The euro zone countries in which Primonial REIM operates offer access to assets and portfolios that meet the expectations of the various investor profiles.

Ronan Bodéré, Chief Executive Officer of Primonial REIM Luxembourg


An investment firm created in 2020, whose aim is to invest primarily in social infrastructure such as healthcare real estate and residential real estate in its market.

Corso Venezia 18
20121 Milano

​​​​​​​+39 02 3657 8080

Primonial REIM Italy caters for Italian institutional investors that wish to invest in Italy or euro zone countries. Primonial REIM Italy, which was founded in 2020, relies on Primonial REIM’s real estate platform to identify the best investment opportunities for its clients.

Fabrizio Bonavita, Chief Executive Officer of Primonial REIM Italy

United Kingdom

Primonial REIM UK  is mainly  responsible, at this stage, for ongoing client relations and investor services. The team supports Primonial REIM’s existing entities, in order to provide international investors with a broad range of services. Primonial REIM UK Ltd is an appointed representative of Langham Hall Fund Management LLP, an entity which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK.

28, Grosvernor Street
London W 1K 4QR

+44 204 558 9698

Our goal, at Primonial REIM UK is to provide bespoke services that meet investors' expectations.

Stéphane Marguier, Managing Director
Primonial REIM UK