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Institutional Investors

PRO - Bloc d'intro

Major player on the real estate investment market in France and in Europe, Primonial REIM integrates a range of competencies and expertises in the interests of its institutional clients

In an economic environment characterised by volatility and the need for a long-term return on savings, institutional investors are turning towards the class of real estate assets and giving them an increasing share of their investment allocation.

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PRO - 3 points

Custom solutions to harness the performances of the real estate markets

With over €21bn in assets under management and an asset base located in 7 European countries, Primonial REIM is one of the leading real estate asset managers in France and in Europe.

We offer institutional investors a comprehensive real estate service and custom solutions, adapted to their risk profile and their allocation objective.


1.   A proven know-how in the structuring of real estate operations for institutional investors  

At Primonial REIM, we have developed a first-rate expertise in the structuring and execution of simple and complex real estate operations dedicated to French and international institutional investors.Our teams have conducted several iconic operations, including: acquisition of the Panacea portfolio in 2016 (994 million euros), the Gecimed portfolio in 2016 (1.3 billion euros), the Marseille City Rue de la République portfolio in 2017 (400 million euros), and the Le Lumière office building in 2019 (1 billion euros).

2.    Expertise in the French and European real estate markets 

Our strategy is preceded by macro- and micro-economic studies, delivered by our Research team, which enable us to implement our real estate convictions. 
Our teams are specialised by real estate asset class: offices, shops, healthcare/education, residential and hospitality. They have full knowledge of the dynamics of their sector of intervention, and the practices of the various markets in France and in the Eurozone. 
Our position as major investor on the real estate market enables us to source investment opportunities, often before they are put on the market. 
We draw on the European platform of the Primonial Group, notably on the local property managers for the technical management of the buildings. 

3.    Real estate funds for institutional investors

We deal with the whole of the setup of the transaction: real estate investment, structuring of the purchase, asset management, organisation of governance, right up to liquidation of the fund.   
Real estate investment funds can take the form of club deals, joint investments, or dedicated funds.
We identify the best investment opportunities for institutional investors, according to your profitability, risk and investment period goals.


PRO - Schéma création de valeur

Our value creation model

Schéma modèle création de valeur

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PRO - Titre Investissements

Investments in all asset classes

PRO - Immobilier de bureaux

Immobilier de bureaux exemples d'investissement

Office real estate

Ile-de-France, one of the premier office real estate stocks worldwide with over 52 million m2, is a sought-after destination to invest in real estate in Europe. This market, with solid fundamentals (sustained demand, rarefication of supply, attractive risk premium) has built its attractiveness on its transparency, its dense transport network, and a diversified offering of offices. The Grand Paris projects and the renewed attractiveness of La Défense are redefining the map of attractive tertiary markets.

Examples of investments:

  • La Tour Adria, La Défense, 450 million euros in 2013. 
  • 93 Boulevard Pasteur Paris 15th, 328 million euros in 2015.
  • Le lumière, Paris 12th, 1 billion euros, 136,000 m2, the biggest private services building in Paris in 2019.

Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

PRO - Immobilier de santé

Immobilier de santé exemples d'investissements

Healthcare real estate

Primonial REIM is the leading manager of healthcare real estate assets in Europe. 

In the western countries, demand for hospital care is constantly increasing, along with needs for senior citizen accommodation. Statistics forecast that the population of over-65s will double in Europe by 2050. Healthcare real estate responds to a strong demand of the public authorities, notably regarding the matters of provision for the loss of autonomy of the elderly, which is a major issue in society. We predict a significant increase in demand for healthcare real estate between now and 2025.

Examples of investments:

  • The Gecimed portfolio, 1.3 billion euros in 2016, 66 healthcare establishments in the whole of France.
  • The Panacea portfolio, for an amount of 994 million euros in 2016, 68 healthcare establishments in 13 German Länder, run by 28 operators.

Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

PRO - Immobilier résidentiel

Immobilier résidentiel exemples d'investissements

Residential real estate

The environment of low interest rates, favourable to investors in pretty much the entire Eurozone, and the increasing “metropolisation” and migrations, are creating a housing shortage in the most attractive European cities. This is stimulating an increase in rents and residential real estate prices in these territories. Our approach to the selection of territories is both long-term and opportunistic. Primonial REIM has devised a “Euro City Ranking” model, making it possible to analyse, for a given set of residential markets, their fundamentals, their positioning in the real estate cycle, and their potential for value added.

Examples of investments:

  • Marseille City, Rue de la République portfolio in Marseille, 400 million euros in 2017, 127,000m2 representing 140 real estate assets: homes, offices and shops.

Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

PRO - Hotellerie

Hôtellerie tourisme loisirs exemples d'investissements

Hospitality, Tourism, Leisure

France is the top tourist destination in the world, with 90 million arrivals annually and a turnover of $67bn. Although it may be affected by current events or economic cycles, the increase in the flow of tourists remains a structural evolution. It therefore presents a real opportunity for long-term investors.
Hospitality real estate, on its economic or tourist side, and the various concepts of leisure real estate, are benefiting from these favourable factors. The expertise of Primonial REIM makes it possible to expose investors to the hospitality performance under the best conditions.

Examples of investments:   

  • PREIM Hospitality 1 portfolio in 2019, B&B Hotel, 399 million euros, 234,000 m2 representing 90 hotels in France and Italy

Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

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PRO - Equipe

A dedicated team

At Primonial REIM, we have a team dedicated to institutional investors. Privileged point of contact for our clients, it supports you over the whole structuring of the operation and is in charge of providing you with reports linked to the life of the fund.

Antoine Depigny Directeur Développement
Antoine Depigny Development Director

Julie Duvillier-Raoul Directeur Développement Institutionnel
Julie Duvillier-Raoul Institutional Development Director

Enguerrand de Fontaines Responsable Développement
Enguerrand de Fontaines Development Manager

Laetitia Treves Directeur des investissements
Laetitia Treves Investment Director


The transaction management teams source potential real estate acquisitions and conduct the legal, notarial, financial and technical procedures, within the framework of the internal investment committees of Primonial REIM, which decide on the selection and allocation of the assets.

Charles Ragons Directeur Asset Management
Charles Ragons Asset Management Director


The Asset Management teams then take on the relationship with the tenants, and manage the smooth execution of the real estate business plans, alongside the property managers and marketers.

Catherine Martin Directeur Fund Management
Catherine Martin Fund Management Director


The fund management teams are responsible for structuring the funds, including bank finance and the monitoring of prudential ratios, with the objective of optimal delivery of the performance to investors.

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PRO - Chiffres clés

Figures that speak for themselves

22 Mds €
Assets under management
1 178
Buildings managed
4 392 387
m2 leased
7 000
1 Source: Primonial REIM 30 June 2020

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Asset Publisher

PRO - Titre publications

Our publications

The Department Research & Strategy produces analyses of the real estate markets, the economy and capital. Its mission consists of developing the highest performing tools and strategies in the interests of investors of Primonial REIM.

  • Market review

Real Estate Convictions Europe : 3rd quarter 2020

16/11/2020 By Henry-Aurélien Natter

Just as the global economy was beginning to recover from its historic post-lockdown drop, uncertainty surged with the enacting of tougher measures to slow the spread of new Covid-19 infections in many countries. Focus on the European real estate markets on 3rd quarter 2020.

Read the study

PRO - Bouton publications

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PRO - Template pétale - ISR

Our SRI approach

Primonial REIM has put in place a Socially Responsible Investment approach so as to systematically and traceably integrate environmental, social and governance criteria into its management policy.

As independent and committed player, we want to implement an exemplary management policy in the interests of our clients, our employees and the community. We are concerned by the environmental challenge, by ethical and cultural diversity, and by the furnishing of society with healthcare and education infrastructures. We conduct an active approach of sponsorship of associations working in these sectors within the framework of our real estate investments.

Discover our SRI charter

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