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Institutional Investors

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Major player on the real estate investment market in France and in Europe, Primonial REIM integrates a range of competencies and expertises in the interests of its institutional clients

In an economic environment characterised by volatility and the need for a long-term return on savings, institutional investors are turning towards the class of real estate assets and giving them an increasing share of their investment allocation.

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Proven real-estate operation structuring expertise for institutional investors.

At Primonial REIM, we have built up a top-level expertise in structuring and executing simple or complex real estate operations aimed specifically at French and international institutional investors. We propose a global real-estate service to institutional clients alongside bespoke solutions designed to meet their specific risk profiles and allocation objectives.

Our teams have undertaken a number of high-profile operations including:

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French and European real estate market expertise

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Our strategy is preceded by the macro and micro economic surveys from our Research team which allow us to implement our real-estate convictions.

Our collective real-estate approach is therefore resolutely patrimonial, in that it becomes an integral part of the overall and long-term equilibrium of the portfolios. The majority of our operations are core and core +, which means that they are oriented towards a regular revenue pay-out.

Our collective real estate approach also aims to be specialised. Assets such as office buildings, retail premises, EPHAD (retirement homes) or residential units require asset managers with a thorough knowledge of working with the tenants and specific dynamics associated with each asset class. This is why we have set up dedicated teams for each property asset class.  They have thorough knowledge of their sector’s dynamics as well as the practices generally applied in the various French and Euro-zone markets.

This approach ensures that investors who participate in the funds managed by Primonial REIM can rely on clear investment policies and consequently establish their allocations in a fully informed manner.

Expertises des marchés immobiliers

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Asset Publisher

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Our publications

The Department Research & Strategy produces analyses of the real estate markets, the economy and capital. Its mission consists of developing the highest performing tools and strategies in the interests of investors of Primonial REIM.

  • Market review

Real estate convictions: Europe in the 1st quarter of 2021

26/05/2021 By Henry-Aurélien Natter

With €50bn invested in Q1 2021, the European commercial property market is declining due to the caution of investors.

Read the study

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Institutional fund operation example: club deal

The structuring of property investment funds can take the form of club deals, joint investments or dedicated funds. As an asset management company, Primonial REIM can organise the whole of the operation.

Here is an example of a Primonial REIM club deal:

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A dedicated team

At Primonial REIM, we have a team dedicated to institutional investors. Privileged point of contact for our clients, it supports you over the whole structuring of the operation and is in charge of providing you with reports linked to the life of the fund.

Antoine Depigny Directeur Développement
Antoine Depigny Development Director

Julie Duvillier-Raoul Directeur Développement Institutionnel
Julie Duvillier-Raoul Institutional Development Director

Bastien Lescalmel Responsable Développement
Bastien Lescalmel Development Manager

Laetitia Treves Directeur des investissements
Laetitia Treves Investment Director


The transaction management teams source potential real estate acquisitions and conduct the legal, notarial, financial and technical procedures, within the framework of the internal investment committees of Primonial REIM, which decide on the selection and allocation of the assets.

Charles Ragons Directeur Asset Management
Charles Ragons Asset Management Director


The Asset Management teams then take on the relationship with the tenants, and manage the smooth execution of the real estate business plans, alongside the property managers and marketers.

Catherine Martin Directeur Fund Management
Catherine Martin Fund Management Director


The fund management teams are responsible for structuring the funds, including bank finance and the monitoring of prudential ratios, with the objective of optimal delivery of the performance to investors.

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Figures that speak for themselves

26.8 Mds €
Assets under management
Buildings managed
4 643 011
m2 leased
7 000
1 Source: Primonial REIM at 31 December 2020

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Our SRI approach

Primonial REIM has put in place a Socially Responsible Investment approach so as to systematically and traceably integrate environmental, social and governance criteria into its management policy.

As independent and committed player, we want to implement an exemplary management policy in the interests of our clients, our employees and the community. We are concerned by the environmental challenge, by ethical and cultural diversity, and by the furnishing of society with healthcare and education infrastructures. We conduct an active approach of sponsorship of associations working in these sectors within the framework of our real estate investments.

Discover our SRI charter

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