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MIPIM 2022

15-18.03 | CANNES

MIPIM 2022







Our teams from Primonial REIM will be present at MIPIM in Cannes from15th till 18th of March. 

Our Program:
  • Introducing our star projects, Odyssey et Hopen, on the Paris La Défense Stand.
  • Conference hosted by Primonial REIM France,  on Wednesday 16th March  from 11h-11h45 | Stand Paris La Défense 


Let's connect

Meet with the executive members Primonial REIM, Primonial REIM France,
Primonial REIM Germany, Primonial REIM Luxembourg and Primonial REIM Italy.
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Odyssey, a mixed-use landmark in Paris La Défense

Conference organised by Primonial REIM France

Join Us

Wednesday 16th March  | 11h-11h45

Stand Paris La Défense : C12.A5

Our star projects

Discover our landmark projects in Paris La Défense by Primonial REIM France

 Introducing ODYSSEY

Odyssey, a new mixed-use urban complex in Paris La Défense.

Odyssey defines a new standard in terms of mixed and hybrid uses and the sharing of experiences.

In this future district, open 7 days a week, Cro&Co Architecture, CroMe Studio and Studio Gang, for the first time in Paris La Défense and in Europe, have created together 3 buildings around a public square totalling 140,000 m2 open to all to live, work, relax and share.

Introducing  HOPEN

A socially innovative project

Hopen will offer its users a workplace that promotes inclusion and solidarity, making 1,400 m2 of the renovated tower available for charitable activities and cultural projects.

As the project's investor, Primonial REIM France, is determined to offer a committed and sustainable project over the long term.


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MIPIM 2022